A Christian woman is asking a Muslim woman for help in raising a Muslim girl

I’m in a little strange situation now and cannot say no to the person who is asking me for help. I’m a university student in the U.S. and meet this African American women who is a Christian, began talking to me and I felt the need to talk to her since she was going through a lot of issues and things that bothered her. I tried not getting to close to her, but she was unavoidable and I felt the need to be nice so I don’t make it seem that Muslims are mean, etc.
Her husband’s family she says are Muslims, I suppose they are, and did not judge. Her husband has two+ women who he has a relation with.One of the ladies he has a relation with has a 9 year old daughter.
This 9 year old child has attempted suicide and is really depressed and cares nothing about life.
The African American lady that I met at school told me she has taken it upon herself to try and care for this 9 year old daughter even though she is not her child. She wants to know the Islamic ruling on how to care for this child so that she doesn’t lose her parents’ faith.
I’m not sure how to go about this situation, especially since the women is of a different faith than the 9 year old child.
If you understood my situation well, can you provide me with advice on how to help the women help the child. The mother of this child seems to only tell her this and that is wrong in Islam and don’t do it. How is the best way to convince this child of the reality of life, etc. The child doesn’t have a close relationship with the parents and most likely is in a bad school setting, with bad friends, etc. I myself do not know the whole situation of the child but will know soon through the African American lady who asked for my help.

Praise be to Allaah.

If this woman is the mother of that girl it is not permissible for her – according to sharee‘ah – to have custody of her Muslim daughter, because a kaafir cannot be entrusted with raising a Muslim child in Islam; rather he will cause the child to follow his own religion. We have discussed this previously in the answer to question no. 21516. So how about if she is not even her daughter? Continue reading

Should he make his Christian wife wear hijab?

I read many fatwas regarding hijab and niqab, and that wife is commanded to obey her husband, so long as it does not involve sin, and that there is no differentiation between a Muslim wife and a non-Muslim wife. My wife is Christian so I ask if I can make her wear hijab and niqab or dress modestly when out or non-mahram men are present for her own modesty and protection?.

Praise be to Allaah.

The husband should tell his wife to wear hijab, even if she is Christian or Jewish, because the sin of her being uncovered and showing her adornment will be on him. The husband has the right to instruct his wife to do what she thinks it is permissible and he thinks is obligatory, and she has to obey him in that regard, as discussed previously in the answer to question no. 97125.

For more information please see also the answer to question no. 70177

The Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas was asked:

In some countries it is rare for Muslim women to wear hijab. A man married a Muslim woman and she does not want to wear hijab. Should he divorce her or what should he do? Another Muslim married a kitaabi (Jewish or Christian) woman and she does not want to wear hijab either. What is the ruling?  Continue reading

Ruling on working for a Christian who makes fun of Islam

I am a young man and I work for a company that is owned by a heretic Christian, who makes fun of Islam and hates Muslims. Is it permissible to work for this mushrik in the case of necessity? 
Sometimes I stay away from work to do things I need to do, without his permission, but I record it as if I was present at work, as he has withheld many of my rights from me. Is that permissible? And what does repentance entail?.

Praise be to Allaah.


It is permissible to work for a kaafir or mushrik, so long as one does not approve of anything of his disbelief or sins. So it is obligatory to object to him if he makes fun of Islam or Muslims. It is also obligatory to adhere to Islamic guidelines such as not regarding him as a friend, not being the first one to greet, and so on. It is better to work for a Muslim who fears Allah.  Continue reading

She ran away from her family’s home and married a Christian; is she entitled to a share of her father’s estate?

My younger sister ran away from the family home when she was sixteen years old. My parents tried very hard to convince her to come back, but she refused and said that she no longer wanted to be part of this family. There has been very little contact between us and her during the last twenty years. Now my father has died. 
1. Is my sister entitled to a share of what my father left behind?
2. Is there anything wrong with her marrying a Christian man and saying that her children are free to choose between Islam and Christianity?.

Praise be to Allaah.


The factors that determine whether one person inherits from another are three: blood ties (kinship), marriage and wala’ (relationship between a freed slave and his former master). And the impediments to inheritance are three: being a slave, being the murderer of the deceased, and being of different religions. The fact that your sister ran away from the family home does not alter the fact that she is the daughter of your parents. This means that she comes under the heading of kinship by virtue of which she is entitled to inherit from them so long as she has not apostatised from Islam.

The fact that she ran away from the family home does not deprive her of her right to inherit from your father, even if she has stayed away from her parents’ home for a long time. And we do not know of any difference of scholarly opinion concerning that.  Continue reading

A Christian woman married a Muslim without a wali (guardian); is her marriage valid?

I will apologize in advance for my lengthy questioning. I am a Christian woman who just recently married a Muslim man. Firstly after reading some of the info on your website I am questioning if we are actually married under Islamic law, as since I had no wali, the Imam who performed the nikah became my wali for the ceremony. We are speaking of divorce. He has moved out of my house, and I do not know where he is living. We only communicate via text messaging because he says he cannot control his emotions when talking over the phone. He never actually said I divorce you, but we told others that we were getting a divorce. I told him I don’t know how an Islamic divorce actually works, so I will handle the legal documents from the state, and he can handle the Islamic part, but I don’t think he even knows how to go about that. I should probably state that we have only been married for four months. I married him two weeks after he was released from prison, because he said that he could not live with me if we were not married. We had a previous relationship with several children involved before he went to prison and became a “practicing Muslim” I agreed to a lot of things in regards to Islam in our household, letting him teach the children about Islam, giving up a male friend that I had for numerous years before I knew him, no pork, no music, no alcohol, dressing conservatively, etc. I even agreed that once we could afford to, I would get my tubal ligation reversed, because he says it is against Islam for my tubes to be tied, (even though the surgery and a future pregnancy has the potential to cause me great harm). I never said that I would stop celebrating some holidays and he agreed. I never promised that I would convert either, but now this is a problem. He feels as though he cannot deal with me because I haven’t converted yet. I told him that I used to have a genuine interest in Islam, until he continuously “harassed me about it” I try to hold conversations with him, and he says unless it is about Islam, there is nothing to talk about. We are both not happy, but I don’t think that divorce is a good idea either. One major issue is that he feels as though I hate Islam, which I don’t, but I have said some not so nice things to him about Islam, because he constantly belittles me and is very condescending about my religion. Are we allowed to agree to disagree about our religious views? I also am very concerned that he is talking to women on Facebook, one who he has had a prior sexual relationship with, but he states that it is all innocent, he is only talking with them about Islam, but I was able to see messages where he asked several women if they were married or not, which I don’t feel is appropriate. He also made conversation with a woman from another country about flying her here to the US. How can he do this? He is not even taking care of me and our family. He has no money, or work, and I take care of us all, all 13 of us. A lot of things that he does and says seem to push me further away from Islam, because he seems so selfish and I feel like he uses Islam to excuse behaviors that I feel are inappropriate. We were once having relations in the bedroom, and we had not had intercourse yet, but he had already climaxed, so when we tried to have intercourse, because I hadn’t yet climaxed of course, he withdrew in the midst of it, got up, and said we’ll try later it’s time for prayer. I felt very hurt and ashamed, but he said he doesn’t have to justify anything to me. I thought Muslims were to treat their wives with kindness. He says that he can’t love me because I am not Muslim. Is this true? He also says that I am not allowed to talk to anyone about our marital problems, but what am I to do if I can’t even get him to talk to me about our problems? When I bring to his attention about facts in Islam, that he is not adhering to, he states that I am not a believer, and can’t tell him anything about Islam. I even told him some information that I learned from this website, that he also frequents, but he still says I have no right to question him, and that I am just fuel for the Hell-fire because obviously Allah has placed a veil over my heart. Please help.

Praise be to Allaah.


In order for the marriage to be valid, it is stipulated that the contract be done by the woman’s guardian.

The guardian of a Christian or Jewish woman is a male relative who is a follower of the same religion: her father, grandfather or brother… If there is no such relative or he refuses, then her marriage contract is to be done by the Muslim judge if there is one; if not, her marriage should be done by the director of the Islamic Centre in her locality, because the basic principle with regard to guardianship in the case of marriage is that it belongs to the father, then to male relatives, the closest then the next closest. If there are no male relatives or they are not qualified to be guardians for any reason, or if they refuse for no good reason, then guardianship passes to the ruler or one who takes his place.

Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah, 18/162  Continue reading

Ruling on Muslim praying in the house of a Christian

Is it permissible to offer namaz in the house of a non-muslim?.

Praise be to Allaah.

It is permissible to pray in the house of a Christian or anyone else who does not follow the religion of Islam because of the general meaning of the words of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him): “… the earth has been made for me a place of prostration and a means of purification, so wherever a man of my ummah is when the time for prayer comes, let him pray…”

Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 323

As-Sindi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: What we learn from the hadeeth is that the earth itself in its entirety is a place for prayer, unless there is any impediment in the presence of which prayer is makrooh or invalid, in which case the ruling is connected to that impediment. Continue reading

Should she seek help in taking care of her skin from a female Christian specialist?

What is the ruling on going to a skin specialist, who does everything that women need for their personal care, but she is a Christian? I would like to point out that I have been going to her regularly for three years, only once every month, to take care of my skin, and I am afraid to go to anyone else. I should add that she has a very good attitude, but after I became religiously committed I started to worry about going to her before finding out the ruling on that.
I am afraid to go to anyone else because most of those who work in this field are Christian woman and the Muslim women I know who work in this field do not have much experience.

Praise be to Allaah.


It is not permissible for a woman to let anyone see the most private part of her ‘awrah, whether that person is a man or woman, a Muslim or a kaafir, apart from what happens between the spouses. And there is no exception from that except what is needed of looking for the purpose of medical treatment.

See the answer to question no. 5693 and 97881

Based on that, if this skin care requires uncovering the most private part of the woman’s ‘awrah, she has to take care of it herself and not let anyone see it, even if that is a Muslim woman, let alone a kaafir woman.  Continue reading

Ruling on shaking hands with a Jewish or Christian man after meetings

Recently i got a job and work amongst alot of jewish people. As i have to attend meetings with these people i often end up shaking hands of jewish men is this allowed?? Some jewish men know i am muslim and therfore at times dont shake my hand and at those times i am happy.. But is it allowed to shake their hands or not, to show respect?.

Praise be to Allaah.

The saheeh Sunnah indicates that it is not permissible to initiate the greeting with the Jews and Christians, as Muslim narrated in his Saheeh (2167) from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) said: ““Do not initiate the greeting with the Jews or Christians.”

The Sunnah indicates that we should respond to them when they greet us, as al-Bukhaari (6257) and Muslim (2164) narrated from ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “When the Jews greet you, one of them says ‘al-saam ‘alaykum (death be upon you).’ So say: ‘wa ‘alayk (and also upon you).” [NB: The Jews of Madinah played with the words to insult the Muslims]

The same may also be said about shaking hands: we should not initiate shaking hands with a kaafir, but if he holds his hand out, we shake his hand. Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) said: Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said: If this reason no longer applies, and the kitaabi (i.e., Jew or Christian) says, Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah [i.e., it is a sincere greeting], then fairness dictates that we should respond with a similar greeting. Continue reading

She became Muslim but did not announce her Islam, and they want to arrange her marriage to a Christian

I have a Christian friend, but by the grace of Allah she uttered the Shahaadatayn and she has been praying and fasting for a few years, but without her family’s knowledge (specifically her mother). The problem is that the girl’s father was originally Muslim, but he left his family and became Christian in secret and married a Christian lady with a civil marriage, and they had daughters and sons. Their father and mother changed the name of the grandfather and the family name in the children’s birth certificates so that the name would be a Christian one, because the father’s real name sounds Islamic. When the daughter grew up and found out the truth, and realised that she was Muslim by origin and by full conviction, she uttered the Shahaadatayn and started to pray and fast Ramadan and read Qur’aan. She wants to announce her Islam in al-Azhar ash-Shareef and marry a Muslim man, but her mother does not want that and has threatened to cut her off and she says that she is ill and that this may need to her death, and her daughter will be held responsible for that. She says that she is originally Christian and her birth certificate indicates that. With regard to her father, a while back he started to pray and he says that he regrets what he did in the past, but he cannot help his daughter to announce her Islam openly lest he be exposed to scandal, according to what he says. The mother of the girl wants to arrange a marriage to a Christian man so as to bar her way to Islam. She said to her daughter: If you become Muslim, I will cut you off for life and you will be thrown out of my house. What should the daughter do so that she can save her religious commitment and be safe from her mother’s harm or cutting her off? Will the daughter be sinning if she marries that Christian man under pressure from her mother, so that she will not be guilty of causing her death, for example, because of stress? I have told you this situation, as this friend asked me to tell you, because she wants to attain success in the Hereafter and is fully convinced of Islam, and she does not want to die as a Christian. She wants to find out the Islamic view on her situation and what she has to do in order to please Allah and His Messenger.

Praise be to Allaah.


We praise Allah, may He be exalted, for having guided our dear sister to Islam and enabled her to pray and fast. We ask Allah to bless her with steadfastness and strength and to guide her family and relatives.  Continue reading

Dealing in alcohol, supplies for Christian holidays, condoms and cosmetic creams

i have a retail bussiness,,which during there holiday i carry there goods,,like christmas decoration,,mothers day,,easter,, holloween,,ect,,is this harram,, i use to own a supermarket once i sold it and i didnt want to get in to that again cause sold beer and pork..

also brother i hope you dont mind mentioning some of the iteams i sale,,tell me if its harram condoms,,ceramic figurs,cigarettes,lottery ,, medcine some containe alchole,,or the gel tablets,,candy that may or my not have any harram in it, toothpaste,,some of these items are harram for us to use but can it be sold to the kafir since they the only customers.

Praise be to Allaah.

You have done well not to sell things that Allaah has forbidden such as beer and pork. We ask Allaah to bless you with a halaal provision and to compensate you with good.

With regard to the things you asked about, the details are as follows:

1 – It is not permissible for a Muslim to take part in the festivals of the kuffaar, such as Christmas and Easter, or to sell the things that will help them in that, because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Help you one another in Al‑Birr and At‑Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety); but do not help one another in sin and transgression”

[al-Maa’idah 5:2]

The same applies to innovated festivals such as Mother’s Day. It is not permissible to sell anything that may help them to celebrate it.  Continue reading